Tiny Kaiju Terrarium is a 3D Terrarium Building Game where players care for baby kaiju and keep their enclosed ecosystems alive and thriving, simulating the feeling of taking care of a real-life terrarium.


  • Michael "Ratfaceofficial" Davis: Composer, Sound Designer
  • Ray "Raydee99" Demers: Producer, Composer, Sound Designer
  • Tilon Dixon: Programmer
  • Alyssa Fabian: Vocalist
  • Martin Garcia: 3D Artist, System Designer, UI Designer & Animator
  • Daniel Hartman: Programmer
  • Grace Tuohey-Kay: Associate Producer
  • Isabella King: 3D Artist, Character Animator
  • Steve Lausier: Narrative Designer, Writer, UI Designer, System Designer
  • Megan McAvoy: Team Coach
  • Brad Richard: System Designer, UI Designer
  • Alexis Sophabmixay: Concept Artist, 3D Artist, UI Artist


  • WASD: pan camera
  • E/Q: move camera straight up/down
  • Right mouse button: Rotate the camera
  • Click on a button on the bottom to bring up items you can place
  • Click on an item to select it, and click again on the ground to place where it will grow
  • Click on an item and hold for 2 seconds to select it again
  • Click and drag a selected item to move it
  • Press E with an item selected to move it
  • Press T to give your kaiju a treat
  • Unlock bigger city and plant sizes by placing smaller ones
  • Press Escape to open the pause menu
  • If no audio plays, try reloading the page.

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